Amelanchier arborea – nice shrub for garden landscaping

Amelanchier arborea A North American native, is a large shrub or small tree that adds beauty to your landscape season after season. Fragrant white flowers appear in spring, along with the first leaf buds. Small edible purple-black fruits, favourites of birds, ripen in summer. The berries can be used for pies and jams. In the […]

Franklinia – nice for garden landscaping

Franklinia Franklinia is a lovely small tree with a fascinating history. Originally discovered in Georgia in 1765 by botanist John Bartram, it disappeared from the wild less than 50 years later. Fortunately, Bartram had collected seeds and propagated plants, so we still have the species today. Franklinia sports lustrous dark green leaves on upright-spreading branches. […]

Best Fruits for a beautiful garden blueprint

Best Fruits When people decide to grow fruit, they usually think first of the apple. They’re often surprised to learn that apples are not native to North America—and neither are pears, peaches, cherries, and most other familiar market fruit. These fruits reflect a European heritage. They were brought over by the colonists, and have been […]